Hearing Aid Services

  • Retirement Communities
  • Independent and Assisted Living Facilities
  • Skilled Nursing Homes
  • Rehabilitation Centers

Today’s technology allows for portability including:

  • video otoscopy using wireless Bluetooth connectivity to our laptop to exam ears
  • wax removal using state-of-the-art magnification & illumination equipment so that we can have a hi-res visual as we clean ears using the curette method-a safe and comfortable method of wax removal for geriatric patients
  • the smallest audiometer in the industry connected with foam inserts that attenuate environmental background sounds so that individual frequencies as well as speech testing can be performed accurately
  • hearing aid programming is done wirelessly using Bluetooth connectivity and laptop computing

We Program Hearing Aids in One’s Everyday Living Environment

Our on-site hearing aid programming allows us the opportunity to fit an individual with hearing aids and test them on their own telephone & television, as well as in their own living room. We even have a noisy dining room recording that we play to show them how their new hearing aids will work in noisy environments.

Hearing Aid Technology That Works Best for Geriatrics

We understand that many geriatric patients have visual as well as dexterity problems, that is why our digitally programmable hearing aids are precisely fine-tuned and automatically adjust to one’s own environment so that there is nothing to ever adjust. As well, our hearing aids are rechargeable so there’s no need to ever replace batteries.

Caring, Compassionate and Making Better Hearing Affordable

We are not tied to any large medical corporation or large impersonal hearing aid group. We are not a store front and we don’t spend any money on advertising. We are highly trained professionals and patient driven with our focus on providing excellent care at the most affordable prices.