I'm so glad that I was referred to you, not only am I hearing better with my new rechargeable hearing aids, but you helped me save over $2,500 compared to what my friends paid for theirs.

Mitchell Woldoff, MD

Thank you for helping my dad, Alan Kaufman. The new hearing aids are really great and have made a major difference in his life as well as the rest of our family.

Michael Kaufman

I tried several other hearing aid companies before I was referred to Rick at Hear-Tone. He had me test my new hearing aids at Duffy’s Sports Bar & Grill where there was a lot of noise. I was actually able to hear the conversation better than I have in a long time. I also loved that the hearing aids cost me half of what other companies wanted to charge me.

Ed Ostrowski
Harbour’s Edge

I have 2 sets of hearing aids that I don’t wear, and so I was very skeptical about purchasing new ones. A close friend of mine referred me to Rick who let me try new ones with the latest technology, and what a difference they made in my dining room, watching TV and with my family. Now I wear them all the time.

Rose Levy
Forest Trace

Some of the things that kept me from trying hearing aids, are that I heard they were expensive and that they would end up in my drawer. I knew I needed help and I was told that your hearing aids were less expensive then Costco and that you would let me test them first to ensure that I was comfortable and could hear more clearly. Thanks Rick for restoring my faith in hearing aids.

Marty Degan
Garden Plaza at Inverrary

For the first time in years I was able to return to my church and hear the sermon perfectly well. I can’t tell you how much this has meant to me. Thank you Richard for all of your help.

Jeanne Mills
John Knox Village

These new hearing aids are outrageously better than my previous ones. I can’t believe with my severe hearing loss how much better I’m hearing in every area; at the table, in the entertainment room and speaking with people. In fact, the background noise doesn’t even bother me anymore.

Marilyn Silman
Five Star Senior Living

From the beginning, I’ve been very pleased with my rechargeable hearing aids that Richard fitted me with. They’re really comfortable to wear and they do the job

Mary Ann Kolpein
Abbey Delray South

Thank you Richard for all the care and attention that you have given me with my new hearing aids. I rarely wore my previous hearing aids, but with the new ones I never go anywhere without them.

Richard Rachins
The Vi at Aventura

I own 3 sets of hearing aids that I spent over $15,000 for and I have barely used any of them. It wasn’t until I met Richard, that I was able to feel comfortable and hear well again with my new hearing aids. Thank you for restoring my faith. I tell everyone about you.

Rita Roberts
Stratford Court

I can't believe how much clearer the conversation is at my table in our dining room-beats my old hearing aids by a long-shot.

Martin Summit
Brookdale Boynton Beach

The new rechargeable hearing aids have made such a difference for me. With my poor eye sight and arthritic hands I was getting so frustrated whenever I had to change my hearing aid batteries. Now, I just put my new hearing aids into my charger at night where they charge, clean and dry them and my problem has been solved.

Lillian Kimmel
John Knox Village

Everywhere else I went for a hearing test they told me I needed 2 hearing aids and you told me I have a mild loss and to wait.
Thank you Richard for being so honest!

Carol Meiselman
Stratford Court

I was very impressed with the way that you were able to show me how much improvement the new hearing aids made on TV, Telephone & in a noisy room before I even paid you and I love that they were less expensive than what Costco quoted me.

Dr. Henry Redlus
5 Star Premier Residences of Boca Raton

The fact that you come to the wellness center in our building has been such a great convenience, as it is very difficult for me to get around and especially since I am a wax builder and I need regular visits to remove the wax from my ears. Thanks for all the great and convenient service.

Daniel Kaplan
Park Summit
Five Star Senior Living

I’m so excited with my new hearing aids. They’ve opened up a whole new world for me. I can’t believe I put off getting them for so many years.

Estelle Alifanz
Stratford Court